Welcome to our very first cat of the week! Our premier feline is Raven, a gorgeous rescue kitty who belongs to Katie and Matan. Here's what they have to say about him:

"Raven came to our lives four years ago. Before we adopted him, a rescue group found him living in a pipe on 175th street. He had some wear and tear, including a clipped ear from when he must have been neutered, but he has only gotten sweeter the longer he lives with us. He looks like a small panther but is as gentle and sweet as can be. He is always pretty funny. He is a snuggler but needs remedial lap sitting lessons because he always seems to have some part of his body falling off of us when he sits on us. He loves flat boxes and will knock pieces of paper over so he can sit on them. Including receipts. And earring boxes. The tinier the better. He has a beautiful meow and especially likes to talk to birds sitting outside our window."

And now, revel in the perfection that is Raven:

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Love and meows, Rina and Alyssa