Welcome to Cat of the Week! This week's feline friend is Adora, formerly known as Miss Cowboy. Adora lives with her humans Kelsea and Donny. Here's what Kelsea has to say about the newest addition to their family:

"This is Adora, formerly Miss Cowboy! We adopted her in February 2017 from For the Love of Cats Rescue & Adoption in Walled Lake, MI. She was found on the streets of Detroit with some kittens, and while her kittens quickly found homes, Miss Cowboy ended up being fostered by someone within the organization as she was diagnosed with feline herpes, which shows itself in her watering left eye - this virus is very common among feral cats and probably kept her and keeps many other cats from getting adopted. While it sounds scary it is very manageable. Everyday we put Lysine in her food to control the watering of her eye and every evening I clean her eye and runny nose. We call this our "bonding" time as she just sits on my lap so sweetly.

We had been talking for months about adopting a cat and when our landlord granted us permission, we wasted no time in adopting. When we met Miss Cowboy, we knew it was a good fit. (With a name like that we knew she'd have a personality!) She is still slow to warm up to new people, hates thunder, and does not like to be picked up, but she LOVES to be pet, her Chicken Friskies, and siting on our laps. She is only two years old so she is still very playful. She especially loves hair ties! Adora can usually be found on the window ledge chirping at the birds or napping on her favorite fleece blanket."

Behold, Adora:

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