Welcome to cat of the week! This week's cat is Audrey, the cutest ball of fluff who lives with her mom Stephanie of Petite Pen Studio, a stunning site that showcases her artwork. Here's what Audrey has to say for herself:

"Hi guys, I'm Audrey! I know I’m SUPER cute, so I figure everyone wants to know a little bit more about me.

"Life has been a blur so far. Somehow I got separated from my mom and siblings while we were living on the street. It was very scary for a little kitten like me, and I was so hungry. I figured the best way to get help was to sit in the middle of the street and cry as loud as I could! A man was coming home from work and saw me that night, and even though I was still really scared, I went with him. (Although, in fear, I may have given him a couple of scratches along the way! Whoops!)


"I was covered in fleas, so Jason & his wife bathed me with dish soap and painstakingly picked all of the nasty buggies off of me. I didn’t even mind, because the warm water felt soooo soothing on all of my bug bites. I was kind of out of it, but I could hear them talking about whether they should find me a home or keep me… obviously I knew I had to turn on the charm. But maybe after a snooze…I was super tired. Zzzzzzz...

"The next morning Stephanie took me to the vet, got me some meds and prescription food so I would gain weight (I was only 1 lb!) and then we came home and I really knew now was the time to hook her. I snuggled up around her neck and purred, and I knew it was a home run, because I heard her talking to Jason about how this was the one year anniversary of her old furbaby Chloe crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe Chloe sent me to this family, I’m not sure, but I know I’m safe and happy now. I love my stuffed kitty doll, pouncing, and FOOD! My doggie sister Billie loves to lick my face, now I just have to convince Dot, my big sister kitty, that we can be friends!"

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