Welcome to cat of the week! This week's cat is Push Push, a gorgeous loaf of a cat who lives with the very talented humans of Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics. These fellow vegetarian cat lovers create beautiful pottery that includes lots of homages to their feline friends.

"Um, excuse me, I believe this post is about me?"

Ah, sorry Push Push! Please, take it away:

"Thank you.

"Darlings, I was born in Montreal on a beautiful sunny day. I am currently 10 years young.

"My favorite hobby is eating. I enjoy eating everything. My favorite food is asparagus (fresh, steamed, baked or roasted), beets, corn, cheese, my mama's coffee, popcorn, wet food, dry food & especially my brother's food.

"I like to fill my time with naps. Naps on my king size bed, but especially naps in the sun.
I rule the house and I am the Queen. Period.
I love to be kissed and pampered.

"My favorite toys include toilet paper tubes and chewed up paper. I am the best hunter in the family , but all I hunt is earth worms after the rain.

"I believe in conserving energy, especially mine. My purrsonal motto is: in a world full of mediocrity, dare to be yourself because you're fabulous. Just don't touch my pillow."

And now, time for a Push Push photo shoot:

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