Welcome to cat of the week! This week, we have a gorgeous pair of blues named Bo and Teddy. They live with their mama/momager and can be followed/stalked on Instagram at @bocatblue. Here's what these blues have to say for themselves:


Hi you humon peasants! My name is Bo Cat. My humon slave called me like that but actually my pedigree name is Tosha van Rinkeldekinkel. Sounds awful right! Not even very royal. Some will call me weirdo, I might be weird but I am one of a kind. 

I love to chase Teddy till he can not breathe. And to sing when everyone sleeps. 

My hobby's are doing nothing as much as possible and watching birds poop on the cars of humons. Yeah that's how I roll!


Ola hoomins! My name is Teddy Ruxpin, my humon pawpaw loved this ancient tv cartoon when he was just a lil lad. And gave me this name. Some will call me sad eye Ted, because I have deviation at my right eye. But this does not stop me of being cute and eating. Yes, food is my thing. Food is my big love. And my miewmaw, my humon mommy is my biggest love next to food. I love to follow her everywhere. And I love Bo too even when she can be evil sometimes. Actually I love everything. Miewmaw says that I have a heart of gold. 

Thanks for stopping by, Bo and Teddy!

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