Welcome to cat of the week! This week we are lucky enough to have not one but two fluffs! Meet Rattles and Waffles, two adorable rescue tabbies who live with their mama, Haley. Both were adopted from Paws and Hooves Animal Rescue in Westbury, NY. You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @rattlesandwaffles. Read all about these babes below:


Rattles was born outside on the streets of the Bronx, NY sometime in November 2014. She was picked up by the police and surrenderd to a local Long Island animal rescue in Westbury where she was spayed and ear notched. She tested positive for FIV, so the rescue opted to keep her indoors. I started a job at an animal hospital where she was staying. I fell in love and took her home!! My husband fell in love and she very quickly settled in our family and hearts. She is a very healthy cat considering her underlying illness. She shows no symptoms and can live a full life. 

Rattles' favorite hobbies are, eating/looking for food, playing with her favorite toy: the plastic ring that comes off of a large water bottle, Playing/chasing/cleaning/cuddling her boyfriend Waffles, car rides(I transport her to and from the car in a carrier) but once in the car, she likes to come out and sit in the seat and look out the window. 

Rattles has a very silly personality. We joke she is the little mean girl bully on the school yard that pushes all the boys. She's kind of a punk - she likes to prey on us, smack our legs and run away. But she's a very sweet girl, loves people and laps. Comes up to everyone for belly rubs. Very social and vocal. 

Rattles is blind in one eye hence the color change, but she can see shadows. They also notched her ear at the shelter too much, so we say she's got her good side, and her bad side. She would 'rattle' her tail when she is excited, that's how she got her name, like a Rattle snake. Her nickname is 'Thing' or just plain 'Cato' (like gato but with a C) we don't know how these originated they just did. 


Waffles came from a barn in upstate NY where he was friendly, but considered feral. He came to the animal hospital to be neutered. I took one look at him and knew my husband would love him because he resembled our first cat who passed 8 months before we adopted Rattles. My husband came to meet him the next day and the deal was set! The person at the barn surrendered him to the same rescue organization because I expressed such interest and would give him the best home with a new friend. He came home with us in July 2016, the day after our wedding. His nickname is 'The Golden Boy' because of his golden coat. He got his name because he is golden like a waffle. And also 'Bowtie Boy' because he loves to wear bow-ties. 

Waffles' favorite hobbies are, sitting on top of the cat tree,  playing with his favorite mouse toy, cleaning his girlfriend, and chasing his tail!! 

Waffles was outside for two years of his life and developed an absorption issue in his stomach due to the tape worms and parasites infecting him for so long. Once healed, he was home. During that time we were swapping each of the cats' toys, blankets and so on so they could smell each other for a month before they even saw each other. This helped tremendously in acclimating our two cats to each other. Waffles has a very mellow temperament and put up very well with Rattles smacking him when they first met. This lasted less than a week and became fast friends. 

Rattles and Waffles are very sweet to each other, they hold paws and are always together. They eat together, sleep and even visit the litter box together! They both enjoy sitting with us and swapping laps constantly. Waffles is FIV negative, but the chances of him contracting the disease are very slim. They both get nail trims two times a week. They both eat top of the line good, prescription science diet, and royal canin prescription food! 

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