Welcome to cat of the week! This week, we are graced by the presence of two beautiful Italian Birman brothers, Leo and Teo! At just a few months old, they're already taking the world by storm. They live in Milan with their humans and can be followed on Instagram @leo_e_teo.

Here's what their mama has to say about them:

"Leo and Teo live in Milan with their human family: mom, dad and two brothers, 12-year-old Federico and 10-year-old Alessandro. My husband and I always had cats in the past. Gianluca made the big surprise for my birthday to give me our first Birman, Teo, who had a huge love for everyone. But after a week at home, we remembered how much our previous cats played together and have fun, so we returned to pick up his brother, Leo, who was still available!

Teo gave Leo a kiss when they were reunited and since then they have been inseparable - we truly gave him a wonderful gift! They have totally different characters, like our two children! That's probably why they love each other so much."

Thanks for stopping by, Leo and Teo!

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