UPDATE: we are so sad to report that Romeow died in his sleep a few days ago. Our hearts are with his humans and siblings as they mourn his loss. Losing a pet can be just like losing a family member, and we would like to memorialize Romeow here with the post we were going to share about him. To send your love and support to his family, please go to his Instagram @romeow.the.fold.

Welcome to cat of the week! This week we are joined by the cutest, grayest Scottish Fold, Romeow. Romeow lives with his human and some other furry friends in the San Francisco Bay area. You can follow their adventures on Instagram @romeow.the.fold.

Here's what his human has to say about him:

"Romeow is the sweetest 7 month old Scottish Fold. When he's not getting terrorized by his dog sister, he enjoys chin rubs and of course sleeping for 90% of the day. Also, Romeo's coat is as soft as it looks, Meommy compares it to a chinchilla!"

Below, enjoy some glorious Romeow pictures:

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