Welcome to a very special cat of the week! This week we are blessed with not one animal but two! Meet Luigi and Bandito, better known as Pug and Cat, who live with their humans, Finn and Sebastian. Pug and Cat are quite popular, and can be followed and obsessed over at their website, Pug and Cat, and on Instagram @pugandcat.

This beautiful, fluffy family has an amazing story to tell: together, they walked across Spain! All of it! It's amazing. Here's what they have to say about it:

"Two guys and their beloved pets, a pug and a cat, walked across Spain! Walking over 1500km in total (and still counting) this modern family didn’t even know they were making history!

family 2.JPG

"They decided to sell all of their belongings to fund a dog trolley and tent and set out on foot across Spain! Starting in Pamplona the boys headed West following the historic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. The animals thrived, Pug and Cat were already firm friends and the adventure strengthened their bond. They played together through the Spanish vineyards of La Rioja region all the way to the forests of Galicia!! The tent and trolley became their homes and they felt safe! It wasn't always easy to pitch the tent but the boys always found a safe place and the family would watch the sunset... when the weather was fine! The weather was the biggest obstacle, too hot or too cold, snow, wind and rain they had to deal with it all!!

"46 days later having walked 750km pushing the trolley the whole way and sleeping in a tent they arrived in Santiago de Compostela. This normally marks the end of the journey, but the family had nothing to go back for. They bought an old builders van from the side of the road and headed south. They continued exploring with Pug and Cat and clocked up a further 700km in Sierra Nevada, Sierra Blanca and Sierra de las nieves national parks. After a further few months on the road they found what they had been looking for, a small vegetable patch in southern Spain with room for the animals and the family to live how they wanted to be able to live. Now the boys are working on a children's book of their adventure and have a website, Pug & Cat | Official Pug & Cat Website - Pug & Cat and online store."

Thanks for stopping by, Luigi and Bandito!

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