Welcome to Cat of the Week! Meet Arizona Ricecakes, the fluffiest retired pageant cat you will ever see. Arizona lives with her mama Alisha in Denver, CO, and you can see all of the fun they get up to on Instagram @arizona_riceakes. Here's Arizona's story, as told by Alisha:

"Arizona came into my life as the result of a loss. When my working dog died of cancer at a young age, I was shook. I had spent every weekend for seven years training with a club, traveling, competing, and enjoying her company on our weeks off. I knew in my heart that I could not get another dog. But I eventually thought that I had room for another animal. I wanted a cat that I could do things with, so I became interested in a show cat. I went to cat shows searching for just the right breed, and then I saw that fluffy smoosh-face, and knew I had found the perfect one. Arizona was one of 8 kittens, and while waiting to hear from the breeder I began to call her "Arizona" because of the movie Raising Arizona. Like Ed, the female lead, I was "going to get me one of those babies"! By odd coincidence, the breeder had independently named her Arizona before we talked. It was destiny! I flew up to Seattle from Denver, excited to pick up my new kitten...It was love at first sight. I don't remember much of what the breeder told me because I was so in awe of this tiny, calm, fluffy kitten. 

"I knew I would want to post lots of photos of her, and I didn't want to spam up my work account so I created her own Instagram page. Little did I know that it would grow to the amount it has today. I am so glad to share her with the world. She is the perfect little animal companion, a confident princess who never makes a mess, is never scared or shy, and makes me laugh with her antics.

"While I enjoyed taking her to cat shows and we successfully granded our first adult show, the cat showbiz life was not for her. She is now enjoying her well deserved retirement. She loves going for walks, her water fountain, watching birds from the porch, and clean laundry. 

"You can contact Arizona through her Instagram @arizona_ricecakes."

Thanks for stopping by, Arizona Ricecakes!

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