Welcome to Cat of the Week! This week we are graced by the presence of Athens, a food-stealing rescue tabby who lives with her humans, Mollie and Seth, in Massachusetts. Mollie and Seth run a killer food blog dedicated to gluten-free food, including recipes, food reviews and lifestyle posts, called Gluten Free Mollie D. She also has an Instagram, @glutenfreemollied. Go follow them!

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"Ahem, I thought this post was about me? I have an Instagram too, you know."

Oof, sorry Athens! Of course you do. Follow Athens' adventures @athensthefluff.

Here's what Mollie has to say about Athens:

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"Athens is an American Shorthair Tabby cat who was rescued from a life on the streets in 2004 in Worcester, MA during the (Athens) Olympics. Seth’s college roommate took her in during a bad rainstorm and the rest is history; Seth eventually became sole owner a little while after graduation when he and Athens moved from a roommate-filled (and multiple cats) apartment in Cambridge, to their own “pad” in Allston, MA. Athens, ever the “queen kitty,” enjoyed the solitude and confirmed that she never wanted any other feline roommates ever again. 

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"These days, Athens lives with Seth and Mollie, and survived a glorious, two-week solo vacation during their honeymoon last year in which she got to live at a house in the woods and caught many mice, much to the displeasure of her babysitter. Turns out, literally no one enjoys having a mouse dropped on their pillow while sleeping. 

"In her permanent home, Athens spends her days laying in the sun, watching squirrels, and making sure her food bowl is always filled to capacity, lest she want a bite or two at any moment of the day. Her favorite activities include playing with her fuzzy toys - mouse and squirrel are her favorites - and sitting too close to people’s faces. She purrs with glee when rubbing her face up against Seth’s beard. She also requires morning hugs from Mollie because sleeping on her leg all night is never enough. If didn’t guess already, Athens loves being near people, and really enjoys human contact. She couldn’t care less about other actual animals. 

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"While toys and sunshine fill her days, Athens lives for dinner time, when she tries to steal food off of our plates every night. She watches the cooking process in the kitchen from her corner next to the trash and recycling, and then perches atop a chair behind Seth during dinner, waiting for the perfect moment to jump onto his shoulder, climbing down onto the table.

"She lives for tomato sauce, fried cod, and hot dogs. And as a Birthday special, we give her a few licks of her true love, queso dip. Truly, her tastes vary, as she has enjoyed the fanciest of at-Home cuisine with as much excitement as she does for a piece of hot dog or queso. And we are pretty sure she has a sixth sense for knowing when junk food is around; she sprints to our side if we happen to have Cheetos. 

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"Athens is quite lovable and warm, and one of the most affectionate pets we’ve ever had. She loves being around people, playing with her toys, and knowing that her humans are never far from reach. She often follows us into whichever room we are in, no matter what. Perhaps this is the cat version of FOMO. :) 

"Oh, and she also has a secret habit of hiding in the midst of all the pillows on our bed, hoping no one will find her in her custom pillow fort. It’s just too comfy!"

Girl, same.

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Thanks so much for stopping by, Athens!

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