Welcome to Cat of the Week! Meet Fitzroy, a ginger smoosh who lives with his mama, Wendy, and his furry siblings, fellow Exotic Shorthair Purrkoy, and dogs Gigi and Edward. Wendy makes killer jewelry which you can peruse at her site, Wendy Brandes. Fitzroy LOVES to sit in bowls, and his mama documents his favorite sleeping spots on Instagram @fitzroy_the_cat. Here's what Fitzroy has to say for himself:


"I iz da world-famous #catinthebowl ! When meowmie got me five years ago, I was a little shy at first but den I found a big orange bowl dat matched my beautiful orange floof and as soon as I sat in it, I felt like da king. Dat is appropriate because da name FitzRoy means "son of da king."


"I am an Exotic Shorthair kitteh, and my younger cat brother is also an Exotic Shorthair named @purrkoy_the_kitten aka PK aka #babycat aka a pain in my floof! Da doggos here -- Gigi and Edward -- are #smooshfaces like us kittehs. I iz da only smooshface who sits in da bowl though!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.03.13 AM.jpg

Thanks so much for stopping by, Fitzroy! And remember, if you want your furry BFF to be featured as our Cat of the Week, send us an email with their story and some favorite pictures at