Welcome to Cat of the Week! We're so lucky to get to feature our second family cat, George! George was adopted from a Paws for Life adoption event at Petco and lives with Rina's parents. Along with Henry, he has made their family infinitely fluffier.

george 1.JPEG

Here's George's story, as told by Rina's mama, Ruth:

“My daughter Rikki and I went to the pet store to buy cat food for Ariel's kitten, Henry.  Ariel was visiting with Henry and forgot to bring his food.  Really.  That’s it.  Just cat food.  I was totally, completely and thoroughly done with pets. The fur on everything.  The litter box.  Done done done.  But there he was.  As I was gathering Henry’s supplies Rikki began playing with this this big ball of orange fluff with white boots, a two year old rescue--and went to the cashier and started asking how to go about adopting him!  Even as I was saying, “no way,” Rikki could see that I was already falling for him.  He was sweet and cuddly and the next thing I knew, I had adopted him.  Or maybe he adopted me. Thank you, Rikki!

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george and henry.JPG

"His name is George. George loves his toy bird and raccoon.  He sleeps on his side wedged up against a baseboard in my kitchen, or next to me with his paw on my shoulder.  He does not meow, he chirps.  Oh—and George and Henry have play dates! Need I say more?"

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Not at all, Mama! Thanks for sharing George with us.

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And remember, if you want your feline BFF to be featured as our Cat of the Week, email us at with their story and some favorite pictures. We literally feature every single cat we receive because we LOVE THEM.