Welcome to Cat of the Week! Meet Holly, a gorgeous exotic fluff who lives with her mama/assistant, Melissa and fur sibling, Pickle. Holly's Instagram is guaranteed to brighten your day - check it out here!

Here's what Melissa tells us about Holly:

"Introducing Holly! She is an exotic long-hair persian. Her birthday is July 12, 2014, we adopted her the following November when she was 4 months old.


"Holly would not describe herself as a lap kitty, and only blesses us with a limited "pet me" allowance each day, and chooses to mostly observe her kingdom from her towers of chair backs and shelves, she judges and rules with a regal paw, but she is mild mannered and polite; if one of her servants chooses to pet her as they pass by or pick her up, she doesn't get angry, she simply plots to get even (I'm sure). Besides her human servants consisting of 3 children and 2 purrents, Holly's subjects includes her adoptive sister Pickle, who is a short-hair exotic persian, 3 dog siblings, 2 bunny bros and 2 guinea piggies.


"Holly's favorite activities are batting around hair ties, bopping Pickle on the head, rolling around in fresh cut catnip, eating, and staring out the windows at the butterflies in the yard, and of course being super cute and fluffy.


"Every year we celebrate October with Hollyween, and of course, the Christmas Hollydays."


Thanks for stopping by, Holly!

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