Welcome to cat of the week! Meet Montague, a majestic kitty who was rescued by his humans and lives in Queens, NY. You can see all the mischief Montague gets up to on Instagram @montague_the_rescue_cat.

Here's what Montague has to say for himself:

"Hi! My name is Montague, but my friends call me Monty! I am five years old and I live in Queens, NY.

"My parents adopted me when I was four months old from the shelter.  When I first saw my parents my mom asked a nice volunteer which cat was the sweetest and the volunteer said me, of course! My mom held me but I heard my dad say something about him having allergies, so she put me back in my cage and left.  I was so upset but they came back the next day and adopted me!  I have some health problems and had a pretty rough start in life but now I live like a king.

"I heard my mom saying that maybe they should change my name since the shelter named me but my dad said no way!  I was happy about that because who would I be if I wasn’t Montague? When they brought me to my new home, we both had to learn about each other.  They never had a cat, and I never had humans.

"I run this household pretty good.  I always greet my parents and guests at the front door. I make guests feel extra welcome by rubbing up against them, meowing and jumping in their laps.  I keep our home pest free and will often go bug hunting. I like to sit at the windowsill and watch the birds outside, I also like to play hide and go seek.

"My mom taught me how to sit on command and even though, I feel like that’s a dog thing to do, I still do it. For the treats of course!  I also love to cuddle. I even ran for president!  My mom says if I won I would have a higher approval rating than our current president . Everyone who meets me loves me!  I hope we can be friends on Instagram. Follow me at montague_the_rescue_cat."

Thanks for stopping by, Montague!

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