Welcome to cat of the week! This week we are graced by the presence of Picasso, a beau chat who lives in France with his mama, Victoria. You can follow Picasso's adventures on Instagram @cutecat_picasso. Here's what Picasso has to say:

"I'm Picasso, a young and spirited two-year-old cat. 

"As a good Parisian, I love to eat food, good food. I don't waste any occasion to beg for it and I always invite myself to human meals. Thanks to my beautiful green eyes, I always get what I want. At worst, a bit of yogurt 'cause I take care of my body of course... 

"I'm not so urban because I kept my wild side: I'm a hunter. Fly, ladybird, mosquito, spider, I catch them all! Day and night, I'm still waiting for a prey to come in my hunting zone, mostly the bed of my owner when she's asleep. 

"When I'm not on duty, I mostly play with everything I find. But I have to confess... my favourite toy is headphones. I enjoy the feeling of my teeth on plastic. My favourite human often buys me a new pair and levels up the game by hiding them. I love a challenge!!!! 

"After all of my activities are done, I go to sleep. I have my favourite spot in front of the bed of my human (always keeping an eye on her), near the main window, on a huge and comfy pillow. I can also take a little nap between legs but those things are moving too much and I can't rest well. 

"As you can see I have a full life and I like to share it. So if you want, you can follow me on my Instagram @cutecat_picasso."

Thanks for stopping by, Picasso!

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