Welcome to Cat of the Week! This week we are graced by the presence of Sacha, an adorable, mustachioed cat who lies with her human and three fur siblings. You can follow all of them on Instagram @thedailymoustachekitten. Here's what Sacha's mama, Pamela, tells us about her:

"I adopted Sacha from the Hamilton Burlington SPCA in June 2017, and when I went to meet her, I was told she was from a litter found in a barn and would likely be very shy and scared. I put my hand in her cage, she sniffed it, and started to purr. I knew I had to take her home!

sacha 1.PNG

"She's the baby of my four cats and thinks she runs the house. One of her favourite activities is watching fish "swim" (a YouTube video) on my tablet while she bats at the screen. Sacha follows me everywhere I go, but hides whenever company comes over. She also loves to steal pizza slices from the box when I'm not looking!"

sacha 2.PNG

Stealing pizza slices is one of our favorite activities too, tbh.

sacha 3.PNG

Thanks for stopping by, Sacha!

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