Welcome to Cat of the Week! This week, we have Sheba, a gorgeous tortoiseshell who belongs to Rina's roommate, Cornelia! Their apartment doesn't allow pets (tragic, we know), so Sheba lives in North Carolina with Cornelia's mom and step-dad instead. Here's what Cornelia has to say about her:

"Sheba is a medium-haired Tortoiseshell cat, proud to have reached the ripe old age of four. Originally from the south, she enjoys snuggles, chats about her day, and putting anything and everything into her water bowl. Mostly sassy (her nickname is Sheba the Diva) and always up for a good round of aluminum-foil ball, she prefers her salmon broiled and her chicken roasted."

And now, a Sheba photo shoot:

sheba 1.jpg
sheba 2.jpg
sheba 3.jpg

Thanks for stopping by, Sheba! And remember, if you want your furry BFF to be our cat of the week, send an email with their story and some of your favorite pictures to