Welcome to Cat of the Week! Meet Simon, a super cute fluff who lives with his mama, Jessica, and fur siblings. You can follow Simon's and his friends' adventures on Instagram @simonthefeline. Simon's story is so worth the read - having a kitten is hard, hard work, and while it's so rewarding, it's important to remember the responsibility that goes into caring for them. Here's Simon's story, as told by Jessica:


"The reason I got Simon was because I had a cat of about 5 year who I loved with all my heart pass away. After about a year I thought it was time to try to see if I could fill the hole in my heart. My sister and her husband helped me travel and get Simon.


"Simon was born at the end of April 2017. He is a male cat and is half Siamese seal point half Himalayan.
Simon loves to sleep. Simon isn't super into being a lap cat with me, but he loves to snuggle his kitten friend and big dog. Simon loves to play with his fuzzy ball and friend!


"Ever since the first night home with Simon he has been an extremely difficult kitten. I know kittens are work, but he was terrible. Simons problem started from I believe the people who raise these cats did not tell me the truth in the fact he did not use the litter box. I was told he did. From the second he got home he was going everywhere. I mean on anything. No favorite spot just anywhere he could. I have two small children and an older male cat and big dog so this was a lot to take on. I tried expensive cat attract and litter, cleaning the spots throughly, and everything you could think of. Weeks and weeks went by. Nothing. At my end we started crate training. I felt bad, but I thought it was better than going from home to home. He was in a dog crate for about 2 months. I took him out to play. Eventually he was going in the box in the crate about 60% of the time. It was still very hard because he would howl so loud all night keeping us all awake. We eventually we to one room. He would go in the box sometimes. It was a hard struggle. A lot in my house got ruined.


"Eventually I was just ready to give up about 4 months into it. I finally decided to get Stella. Our tortie kitten is the same age as Simon. I thought it was crazy just as you probably do. The thing is I think Simon just didn't know how to "cat". He started watching her intently. Now at about six months old Simon will choose to get up from sitting or sleeping and go use the box right in front of me. It's a huge change. Sometimes I see accidents still, but we have made huge progress. Unfortunately now he is not allowed in my bedroom at night because he will instantly pee on my bed. This makes Simon howl all night because he wants to be with us. It's a struggle. He still has to have all doors shut in the house because he will go in any of the bedrooms, but with the doors shut he will use the box about 90% of the time! Progress has been made for sure.


Thank you so much for stopping by, Simon. And so many thanks to Jessica for sharing her story.

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