Welcome to Cat of the Week! Meet Tommy, an adorable ginger tabby kitten who lives with his Mama, Julia, and fur siblings, cat Gilbert and dog Buddy. Watch Tommy glow up on Instagram @tommythekittycat.

Here's what Julia has to say about Tommy:

tommy 3.jpg

"Tommy is an 8-month-old orange tabby, born on March 24, 2017. When he first came home on May 6, 2017 he instantly knew he was home. He ran around like a crazy cat, trying to get into everything; there was nothing shy about him. He also knew right away how to use a litter box & never went outside the box, so he was a smart kitten right off the start. 

tommy 2.jpg

"He loves going to meet new people whenever I take him somewhere, & is never shy about playing with them right away. 

tommy 6.jpg

"Tommy lives with his brother dog Buddy & new brother cat Gilbert. When Gilbert first came home Tommy and him had a rocky start, but it only took less than a day for them to become best friends. Now they love to chase each other around the house & bug their brother Buddy. 

tommy 7.jpg

"Tommy's favorite things to do include sleeping in mom's hair, chasing his brothers around, playing in shopping bags, looking outside & following mom everywhere around the house.

tommy 5.jpg
tommy 4.jpg

"He is a friendly, energetic, crazy cat who loves to meet new people, try new things, & is always the life of the house."

tommy 1.jpg

Thanks for stopping by, Tommy! So excited to watch you grow and glow.

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