Welcome to cat of the week! This week we are graced by the presence of two beautiful blues, Mitsie and Beer. These fluffs live with their mama, Aurora, in the Netherlands. You can follow all of their adventures on Instagram @missesmitsie. Here's what Aurora has to say about her BFFs:

"Let me introduce you to these two fluffy kitties: Mitsie and Beer!

"Mitsie, 1.5 year old, definitely is the Queen of the house. But Beer, who is only 14 weeks old, already claimed its place as the boss of the house. Both were born in Germany - unrelated - and are growing up now in the Netherlands with their cat parents."

"Our meowmy exceeds the definition of a crazy catmom. She spoiles us very much and always wants to play with us. As much as she loves playing with us, she also loves to take hundreds of pictures of us! She even created our own instagram page on which we already have over 25k fans! Anyhow, we love to smile and pose for her, and in return we get new toys to play with.

"We have many hobbies, but sleeping is our favorite. We love to take naps anywhere in the entire house. The best spots are the ones with sunlight. In the evening we love to sleep in our parents bedroom, and we like to fight over the best spots in the bed, and especially the best one: on top of meowmy!

"And now, some pictures of us:

Thanks for stopping by, Mitsie and Beer!


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