There’s this blazer I’ve been stalking for months on the Internet.

Most people stalk their exes or that new hire at work who seems way too quiet, but I stalk blazers. One specific blazer to be exact. At regular retail, it’s well out of the price range I’m comfortable impulse buying at. But on sale - oh, on sale, it fits snugly in that range. Add some rewards points and I finally had myself a “click through to check out.”

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Today, I saw Bradley Cooper in the NYC wild.

What normally would have been a typical Wednesday with great weather, quickly became a glorious afternoon. I can’t take credit for the first sighting, though. My assistant saw him first. Obviously, the most logical next step would be to grab the nearest coworker and go get a coffee from the cafe next door to Bradley’s lunch spot. We certainly weren’t what I’d call covert, but we mastered the slow-walk and side-eye.

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My junior year in Tel Aviv was the first time I had a kitchen of my own. Apart from the summer spent in an absorption center in Ashdod while volunteering on ambulances (whose kitchen consisted of a sad hot plate, a sad counter and a sad toaster oven), that was the first time I had a space to cook for myself. And what did I do to inaugurate this life's milestone?

Ate nothing but hummus and cucumbers on toast.

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*sigh* adulting is hard. 

That's what my good friend Rebecca texted me the other day. She's about to start 5-year PhD program, and I was complaining about sitting at a desk all day. And you know what, adulting IS hard. I know, I know hindsight is 20/20, but being a kid was so nice. Even though school was, well, school, you were around your friends every day, you got to spend after school doing fun activities like sports or singing, and, if all else failed, you had your imagination and your ignorance. 

But while being a kid was lovely, sometimes you need to remind yourself that being an adult rocks. You can watch TV for as long as you want, stay out way past your bedtime, and eat cake for breakfast. Sometimes, you just need to make bad choices. 

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