Welcome to cat of the week! This week's feline is Fred, a beautiful kitty who lives with Katy.

Guys - this is Alyssa. Yes, you heard that right, the infamous dog-lover is posting about cats! I wanted to jump in to say that, even though I have yet to meet Fred, I think he might be my favorite cat ever. Katy, his cat-mom, says he's very dog-like (no wonder he's my favorite). She also told me he's the best cat in the world - and I whole-heartedly agree. Yossi, Katy's fiancee, and Fred's soon to be cat-dad promised me that Fred would be honored to be featured on our blog, so I felt it was only right to voice my love for Fred. He's a very pretty boy, with nice blue eyes, which you can see below. Apparently, he's a very good cuddler and prefers to be the big spoon - which, if you ask me, is a game changer. Not that I needed another reason to love Fred.

Katy and Yossi are also pretty great, too, even though they're humans. 

Most importantly, Fred's on Instagram, @feline_fred. You must follow him. He comes up with the best captions for his selfies. Who needs opposable thumbs when you have the wit of a dog-like cat?

Fred 3.jpg

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