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Welcome to Bakers Dozen! Each week we share with you what we’re reading, listening to, seeing and doing. While a lot of this stuff will be about or related to food, we also like to read about other goings-on in the world.  We’d love to know what you find interesting, too - let us know what you’re up to at


How to Make a Layer Cake Like BraveTart: The Complete Guide

The brilliant BraveTart teaches you how to make the most perfect layer cake possible in this guide from Serious Eats. No delicious stone is left unturned.

Gucci, Dapper Dan and Why Fashion Needs to Pay Homage Properly

Tahira Hairston at Complex talks about Harlem legend Dapper Dan and the genesis of the logomania trend. Super interesting read about how fashion is influenced, and who needs to pay homage to who.

Does a Food Festival in Harlem Help - or Hurt - the Neighborhood?

Khalid Salaam at Food52 explores the rise of gentrification in Harlem through its new food trends and restaurants. Food enthusiasts and ethnographers alike will find this an absorbing read.

How Panera Solved its "Mosh Pit" Problem

Julie Jargon at the Wall Street Journal explores how Panera became the most tech-savvy chain in America, and how it cut its wait time for its customers down from 8 minutes to 1. The wonders of technology now allow you to get that bread bowl at lightening speed.

Going Out for Lunch is a Dying Tradition

Another article from Julie Jargon on how that sad desk lunch you've been taking is actually a trend - and its hurting the restaurant industry in unprecedented ways.

This is the Perfect Grilled Cheese, According to Science

Apparently grilled cheese sandwiches have a pH level, and Alex Swerdloff at Vice uses lots of fancy science words to show you why that's important.

The Argentine-American Lemon War of 2001-2017

Did you know there was a lemon war between Argentina and America?  Neither did we.  Apparently it just ended this week, and The Economist teaches us all about it.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Now a movie adapted for screen by HBO, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tells the story of a woman who's cells were taken unknowingly in the name of scientific research, and ended up being one of the most important tools in modern medicine. The book reads like a novel and is both heartbreaking and thrilling at the same time.

Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein

Peggy Orenstein writes about the new sexual landscape facing modern teenage and college-aged girls. An essential read for girls this age, parents of girls this age and anyone who works with girls this age.


Reply All Episode #95: "The Silence in the Sky"

Should we send out a message for potential aliens to hear? Could that message bring about our demise? A group of British scientists held a conference to answer these very strange but very interesting questions.

The Hilarious World of Depression

A phenomenal podcast about comedians sharing their history and struggle with depression.

Radiolab Episode: "Null and Void"

Before I listened to this episode of Radiolab, I'd never heard of jury nullification. In this episode, the hosts delve into its origins and share stories on how it's affected the modern judicial system. It's sort of mind-blowing and well-worth a listen.


Chrome Plug-in: Meow Met

With this plug-in, every new tab you open in Google Chrome will show you a piece of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that has a cat in it. Highly recommended.