Welcome to cat of the week! This week we've got another dynamic duo, Eleanor and Arnold. These big-boned beauties live with their mama, Mikayla. You can follow their antics on Instagram at @eleanor.and.arnold. Here's what Mikayla has to say about them:


Eleanor is 4 years old (maybe?). Ellie first came to me when I was babysitting her for some first year university students. After a week I gave her back (much to my displeasure as I had fallen in love with the little chubster). 2 weeks later she was posted online for free or she was going back to the humane society because no one had made plans for her for the summer. I went over that day to pick her up and the rest is history! We got Arnie a few months later when a family member had an accidental litter.

Special skills include waking up mom at 4am to be fed and rubbing up against the dog and subsequently swatting him for touching her.


Arnold just turned 1 on June 10th! When we got him he was infested with fleas. Ellie hated him for about 24 hours and then they were best friends.

Special skills include chewing through plastic bags to get to food, stealing food from people's plates, stealing the dog's food, and balancing with all 4 paws on the side of the litter box when he pees.

Thanks for stopping by, Eleanor and Arnold!

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