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Mewomania! A Cat Party in Brooklyn

Head to Brooklyn on July 22 for a party filled with adoptable cats, cat-themed games, drink discounts and more. More importantly, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to local cat shelters. 12 Grattan Street.

City of Water Day

This Saturday, July 15, there will be water-themed events on Governor's Island and all around New York celebrating the annual City of Water day. The festival is free, and includes boat rides, kayaking and paddle-boarding.


A New Maurice Sendak Manuscript Resurfaces. We Probably Don’t Deserve It.

A new manuscript called Presto and Zesto in Limboland was recently discovered among Maurice Sendak's papers and will be published as a children's book. No idea what we did to deserve this.

As It Turns Out, Cats Do Purr When You’re Not Around

Apparently, cats don't just purr when they're happy to be sitting on your lap. In more news that proves cats do whatever they damn well please, regardless of human intervention, there is a whole slew of reasons why a cat may purr. Learn more at the link above.

Yes, Being Hangry is a Real Thing

In "duh" news of the week, that feeling you get of wanting to slap your boss before you eat lunch has scientific grounding. Let it be known that you still can't slap your boss.

Ice Cream’s Jewish Innovators

This really interesting article from Tablet details just how much of an influence Jews have had in the ice cream world, from Ben and Jerry to Haagen Dazs.

Food Photography, Over the Years

A selection of photographs from the book Feast for the Eyes, a chronological history of food photography.

Food Experts Share Their Biggest Lessons

Amazing compilation of advice and ideas from various experts in their respective food fields.

 A Key White House Post Remains Unfilled: First Pet

Did you know that pets in the White House have included alligators, a hippo, grizzly bear cubs and a hyena? Did you also know that Trump is the first president in over 150 years to not have a pet in the White House? Learn about the history of White House menageries at the link above.

Oreo Finds A Sweet Spot Between Novelty and Nostalgia. But How Does it Taste?

Some folks at The New York Times tasted a whole bunch of the year's Oreo flavors. Read more to see what they thought.

Halo Top is the Breakout Food Company of 2017

I've seen Halo Top in every ice cream freezer this year, but have no idea what it is. If you also have no idea what I'm talking about, read this article to learn all about the frozen phenomenon.


This American Life Episode: Notes on Camp

For anyone who went to camp or always wondered what camp was all about, it doesn't get more real than this episode of everyone's favorite podcast.


Imperfect Produce

1 in 5 fruits and veggies grown in the U.S. don't meet cosmetic standards – the crooked carrot, the curvy cucumber, the undersized apple – usually causing them to go to waste. This business is working to change that.