Welcome to cat of the week! We have another dashing pair for you today. Meet Emilia and Roma, two cat BFFs who live with their mama Teresa in Melbourne. Emilia and Roma are on Instagram where they share their favourite places to take cat naps and videos of the cheeky stuff they get up to - you can follow them @emilia.roma.racca. Here's what Teresa has to say about them:

"Emilia and Romagna (Roma for short) are two and a half year old sisters named after their human mother's grandfather's birthplace in Italy. They are indoor cats living in Melbourne, Australia with their human parents Teresa and Michael (who used to be only a dog man but is now a self proclaimed cat man!)

"Emilia is the tuxedo cat and Roma is the house panther. The sisters love chasing each other around the house, jumping into boxes, playing in their cat castle, warming their paws by the fire and drinking water straight from the tap."

And now, some extremely adorable pictures of Emilia and Roma (fair warning, bows are involved):

Thanks for stopping by, Emilia and Roma!

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