Welcome to Bakers Dozen! Each week we share with you what we’re reading, listening to, seeing and doing. While a lot of this stuff will be about or related to food, we also like to read about other goings-on in the world.  We’d love to know what you find interesting - let us know what you’re up to at


The Jim Henson Exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image

Now open and a permanent part of the museum, this exhibit features a range of objects from Jim Henson's career. A must-see for muppet lovers.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2017

Head to Governor's Island on August 26 & 27 for dance lessons, pie-eating and dance contests, vintage clothing vendors and amazing music.


How Sanrio Makes Anti-Capitalism Adorable, and Profitable

Learn all about Sanrio's newest character, a red panda with anger issues and a take-no-prisoners attitude. She's also beyond adorable.

In Defense of the Uncanny Valley of Fake Meats

Why are vegetarians and vegans turning away from the once-beloved soy crumbles, burgers and hotdogs? Rachel Sugar at Taste refuses to leave them behind, and writes about her ongoing love affair with fake meats at the link above.

My Dog is God

Man's best friend? Jonathan Zalman at Tablet takes it one step further.

The Mad Scientist Behind Nike’s “Back to the Future” Sneaker

Not only are the new Nikes extremely cool, their designer, Tiffany Beers, is an amazing engineer who's changing the world. Read all about her at the link above.

The Jewish Deli-Inspired Breakfast Spread of Our Dreams

We are true suckers for anything that combines brunch, Jewish culture and food history. This article from Food52 hits all the marks.

When Fast Food Delivery Goes Horribly Wrong

Need a bit of comic relief? Read some horror stories from fast food delivery people and feel normal in comparison. Warning: the cartoons, while awesome, are not the most suitable for work.

Preserving a Jewish Culinary Tradition: Pickling

Pickling isn't just for bearded folks in Williamsburg. Learn about a bunch of new foods to pickle and the books that will teach you how.

The Oral History of Nickelodeon's "Good Burger"

A discussion with the cast and writers of "Good Burger," twenty years later (I know, insane).

How Top Chefs are Reinventing the Hash Brown

Hash browns in their original form are pure and perfect, but there's always room for improvement. A bunch of chefs in New York are creating their own takes on this brunch staple, and they look pretty unreal.


Pure Delicious by Heather Christo

An amazing new cookbook full of allergy-free recipes from Heather Christo.


Hello From the Magic Tavern

This is by far my favorite podcast to date. Follow Arnie, Eusador the Wizard and Chunt the Talking Badger/Shapeshifter as they interview magical guests each week at the Vermillion Minotaur. Everything is improvised, and it's perfect to listen to when you're stuck underground on the way to work.