Welcome to cat of the week! Once again, we get to feature two cats today - we're pretty lucky. Meet Kylie and Mr. Darcy, very classy cats who live with their mama, Callie. You can follow their adventures and antics on Instagram at @prideandpurrjudice. How amazing is that handle, right? Here's what Callie has to say about her felines:

Out West is a little house, where two cats and their human live!


"The eldest is Kylie, aka Kyliebear aka 'Lil Ball of Anger. She treats strangers of any species with extreme dislike, but with time she reveals her gooey soft center and will scream at her human until they gives lots of scratches and snuggles. Her favorite activities are sitting, staring, and judging your life choices. 

Mr. Darcy:

Mr. Darcy is the baby of the family! He was found on the mean streets of Louisiana as a scrappy little brat who could fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Once he was sitting in his human's lap, he refused to leave and it was love at first site! He grew up to be the most spoiled cat this side of the Mississippi. He wins over every person he meets, and even melted Kylie's heart (eventually). His hobbies include screaming at squirrels, scamming humans for belly rubs, and stealing human food!"

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