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The Jazz Age Exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

Now through August 20th, you can learn about jazz in all its permutations, and how it set off a new era in America. 2 E. 91st St.

Jamaican Jerk Festival

If you love food, music or Jamaica, this is the festival for you. Now in it's seventh year, the Jamaican Jerk Festival is full of dancing, eating and celebrating all things jerk. Sunday, July 23, Roy Wilkins Park, Queens.


Navigating Vienna’s Imperial Past - Through Pastries

Alice Gregory at The New York Times takes a pastry tour through Vienna, learning about it's unsavory history in the process.

Go Ahead and Bring Those Howard Zinn Books on Your Vacation, the TSA Doesn’t Care

Apparently there was like, five minutes where the TSA wanted to look through people's food and books. No longer! Bring all the communist manifestos you please on your next flight.

Why America Fell for Fancy Food Halls

Notice how food halls are popping up everywhere? Not a coincidence. Henry Grabar at Slate explains why food courts are out and food halls are in.

How to Feed Your Summer Crowd Without Going Crazy

Having lots of family and friends around to feed is a blessing, but all of the prep and work that comes with it can feel like a curse. Jennifer Steinhauer at The New York Times walks you through the process, ensuring a headache-free end.

How to Make the Best No-Bake Cheesecake

The last thing I want to do during the summer in New York is turn my oven on. But I really love cheesecake. What to do? Turn to this guide from Serious Eats, of course!

The Joy of Reading About Cooking

What is it about curling up in a chair and reading a good cookbook (or food blog)? Tejal Rao at The New York Times shares her story of moving from England to France at a young age and how cookbooks got her through.

In Praise of Good Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

A slideshow of photographs featured in a group show at the Robert Mann Gallery, all about ice cream in its simplest form.

A Non-Alcoholic Spirit That Tastes Just Like a Cocktail

Olivia Bloom at Food52 profiles Seedlip, a non-alcoholic spirit and how it came to be. Bonus: you can buy it right now at the Food52 shop.


Maeve in America

Maeve Higgins, hilarious Irish comedian, spends each episode talking with those who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, what it's like to be an immigrant in America. Especially at times like these, this podcast feels all the more necessary.


Tel Aviv’s First 100% Vegan Market Just Opened in the Shuk HaCarmel

If you live in Israel or will be visiting there soon, please go here for me and buy all of the amazing vegan items they have to offer. If apparition existed outside of Harry Potter you know exactly where I'd be.

This Twitter Account

I don't have Twitter, but this account is making me dangerously close to getting one. The feed is full of cat videos, including cats playing board games and cats wearing fruit-themed hats. Like, what else could you possibly need on the Internet?