Welcome to cat of the week! This week we have two gorgeous birman sisters, Kutsal and one-eyed Kadife. They live in Norway and are waited on hand and foot by their mama. You can see what they're up to on Instagram at @karikjoniksen. Learn all about these beauties below:

"My cats are sacred birman sisters, and they are 6 1/2 years old. They have Turkish names - Kutsal Kedi means "sacred cat," and Kadife Kedi means "velvet cat." They live in a flat with me in Oslo, mostly indoors, but when we visit my parent's house they roam the garden eagerly.

"Kadife lost one eye to acute onset primary glaucoma in August 2015, and is doing very well as a little one-eyed charmer with a huge personality. Kutsal is easygoing and laid back, while Kadife is headstrong, stubborn and prone to times."

Below, bask in the glory of Kutsal and Kadife:

Thanks for stopping by, Kutsal and Kadife!

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