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Trump Lear

Carl David, actor and impersonator, performs his Trump-inspired version of King Lear. Apparently he lives or dies based on whether or not Trump likes it? See for yourself on August 5 or August 12. Under St. Marks Theater, 94 St. Marks Place, New York.

From Sprinkles to Sundaes: The Evolution of Ice Cream in America

On August 31, the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) is throwing an ice cream party to celebrate Stella Parks, AKA BraveTart, and her new book. She's holding a discussion and providing a demo, and is making all of the toppings for the ice cream bar. She's pretty much culinary Wonder Woman. 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn.

The Museum of Interesting Things Secret Speakeasy

The Museum of Interesting Things holds a secret speakeasy each month, which includes, well, lots of interesting things, along with snacks and drinks, vintage films and amazing music. Click the link above for the Groupon rate. 177 Prince St., New York.


A History of Taco Bell’s Failed Attempts to Open Locations in Mexico

Fast food connoisseurs and food history fiends alike will enjoy this article from Munchies about how Taco Bell tried - and failed - to open and retain locations across Mexico.

Prison to Table Cuisine

Dr. Shakshuka, an extremely popular restaurant in Jaffa, Israel, has some of the best shakshuka you can get in the area, if not the country. Little-known fact: its owner, Yosef Binyamin Gabso, perfected the recipe while in prison. Read all about it at Tablet.

Stop Being a Snob and Use Onion Powder

For some reason onion powder has been eschewed as a staple spice, being replaced with fancier herbs and flavors. That's a real shame for home cooks, Leah Koenig at Taste explains, because it's really fucking delicious.

Modern Food Trends are One Way to Eat the Modern Zeitgeist

David Sax's new book, The Tastemakers, argues that this generation's cultural zeitgeist is edible. Read on to learn about his argument and how food has gotten so damn trendy.

An Ode to Shopping Malls

Dan Bell, a filmmakers, has created a group of short films called "Dead Mall Series," where he explores the dead and dying "pleasure palaces of his youth." The death of the shopping mall in part has to do with the "retail apocalypse" and the changing landscape of commerce through the Internet.

Meet the Activist Creating Fast Food Jobs for Trans People

Michaela Mendelsohn, a transgender activist and CEO of Pollo West Corp., is using her position in the fast food industry to help other transgender people get jobs and move up in their careers. 

New Yorkers on the Adopted Pets that Changed Their Lives

A super adorable article profiling seven New Yorkers and their adopted pets.

A Field Guide to the American Sandwich

An ambitious list from The New York Times of American sandwiches. Ideal for food nerds and historians alike.


Food and the City by Ina Yalof

Ina Yalof profiles New York City chefs, their restaurants, and their favorite New York and culinary moments.


Radiolab Episode: The Gondolier

I'm always a fan of Radiolab, but this episode was one of the more insightful and fascinating episodes I've heard in a while. Reporters Kirsten Clark and David Conrad go to Venice to learn how a 1000-year old tradition has been at odds for 20 years with the global media and a supposed feminist icon by the name of Alex Hai.