Welcome to Baker's Dozen! This week, we have a history of Japanese sweets accompanied by kittens; a fourteen-year-old carton of milk that has a birthday and a family; dance parties on the streets of Midtown and more.


Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

It's the 25th anniversary of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, a free celebration of jazz music and musicians in New York. This year it's from August 24-27 - expect some jaw-dropping performances. Multiple locations, check websites for individual events.

Vinyl Nights

On Thursday nights during the summer, do what most New Yorkers avoid and head to the streets outside Madison Square Garden for live music and crazy dance parties. Click the link for dates and times.


Krispy Kreme's OG Doughnuts Are Getting A Chocolate Glaze For A Limited Time

In honor of Monday's Lunar Eclipse, Krispy Kreme is giving their doughnuts their very first chocolate glaze. Grab your shades and one of these babies and prepare for this special event.

Lobster Out, Lox In: Portland, Maine is Having a Jewish Food Moment

What do hipsters and Jews have in common? Food, apparently, and there's a plethora of it in Portland, Maine right now. Read more about the Jewish food phenomena there at Tablet.

These Curly Cats Are All Descended From One Rescue Kitten

Just when you might have stupidly thought that cats couldn't get any cuter, a breed of curly cats comes in to remind you that cat cuteness is infinite.

LIFE’s 25 Most Meow-Worthy Pictures of Cats

An amazing slideshow of vintage kitten and cat pictures from LIFE. Fashions may come and go, but cats will always be there.

On Set | 5 Cats, 200 Japanese Pastries

A food history of Japanese pastries just came out on The New York Times, and the pictures of the sweets and accompanying cats is the best thing you'll see all week. Take a peek behind the scenes at the link above.

Joan Nathan and Yotam Ottolenghi on Where the Jewish Food World is

An interview on Food52 with Joan Nathan and Yotam Ottolenghi on all things Jewish food. 

The Nuances of Jewish Preserving

A history of the culture of Jewish food preservation, accompanied by a new book on the topic, The Joys of Jewish Preserving by Emily Paster.

How a 14-Year Old Carton of Expired Milk Became Part of My Friend's Family

Horrifying? Yes. Heartwarming? Maybe.

Cheese Festival Ends in Outrage After Failing to Anticipate Intense "Demand for Cheese"

Being touted as the "Fyre Festival of cheese," what was supposed to be a beautiful day of celebrating the best food on earth turned into disaster when they ran out of...cheese. How, you may ask? Read the link above. 

How Oreos Got Their Name: The Rise of an American Icon

A detailed, thorough history of the Oreo and its claim to fame by the insanely talented Stella Parks, aka BraveTart.


Radiolab Episode: Juicervose

A look into the world of autism through the eyes of a non-verbal child and his family.