Welcome to Baker's Dozen! This week we have amazing events in September (how is it September already?), vodka made from literal trash, feminist theory explained through pizza and more.


Pastryland Bake Sale

The first-ever Pastryland is a bake sale that will be full of treats world-class pastry chefs, bakeries and restaurants. Best of all? It benefits City Harvest, an amazing organization that collects excess food to feed NYC's hungry. September 9, 1:00-5:00 PM. 28 Crosby Street, 5th Floor, Soho.

West Indian Day Parade

The West Indian Day Parade features elaborate costumes, amazing music and delicious food, all celebrating Caribbean culture and history. This year it's happening on September 4, and starts at the Brooklyn Museum at 11:00 AM. 

2017 Vendy Awards

On September 16, head to Governors Island for a celebration of street food and the small businesses that sling it. This event supports local business and your tummy.

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

Every Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, and the week that follows, this exhibit featuring hundreds of artists and their works pops up on the sidewalks of the Village. September 2-4 and 9-10.


All This 5-Year-Old Wants To Do Is Help Save Street Cats

This child proves that care and empathy for animals can start at any age. The story above is the definition of uplifting, and features our superhero in the coolest hero costumes EVER.

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Fashion’s Obsession with Space

Astronaut-inspired clothing is hitting the runways, and Rina's dream celebrity husband Bill Nye (sorry, P) is here to explain the phenomenon.

The Real History of Hush Puppies

An extensive article for fried food and food history enthusiasts alike.

Celery Was the Avocado Toast of the Victorian Era

Hard to imagine, but apparently celery was a luxurious food item that would have been all over Instagram...if it had existed centuries ago.

The Woman Behind Indonesia’s Hypnotic Terrarium Cakes

Iven Kawi's creates the most stunning, intricate, mesmerizing cakes - learn all about her at the link above.

California Distillery Makes the First Vodka From Food Waste

There are certainly many ways to deal with the issue of food waste, but turning it into vodka has to be towards the top of the list.

This Instagram Account Documents the Food Porn of ‘The Simpsons’

In today's edition of things you never knew you needed until you saw them, here's an Instagram account that posts photos of food from The Simpsons.


Sometimes Feminist Social Theory is Best Explained Through Pizza

Akilah Hughes is a hilarious, straight-up, gracious women, who has blessed us with this amazing video of how to explain feminist social theory through pizza. Worth a watch or twelve.


National Geographic Animal Index

If you too are obsessed with animal fun facts, get thee to National Geographic's extensive index on every animal you can think of and every animal you didn't know existed. Do it. Do it meow.