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Jazz @ Pier 84 & Sunset on the Hudson @ Pier 45

Free jazz and an amazing view of the water? Can't really get better than that. August 11 and August 18. West Street @ W. 10th.

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Head to Flushing Meadows Park on August 12 or 13 for a day of dragon boat races, traditional Chinese music and dance, and a "culturally diverse menu." This is its 27th year! Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY.

Tap + Cork: Brooklyn Beer & Wine Fest

Love beer and wine? Love drinking three days in a row? This festival is for you! On August 11-13, Tap + Cork will be hosting a slew of events with breweries and wineries, featuring tastings and live entertainment. 1368 Fulton, Brooklyn.


The Secret Life of the City Banana

An amazing piece of journalism from Annie Correal at The New York Times about the history and journey of bananas in NYC.

Meet the Jewish Inventor of the Slow Cooker

If you're deeply in love with your slow cooker, you should get to know it better. Learn all about its creator at Tablet.

Sonic Boom: How Fast Food Brought Scientific Optimism to the Masses

Ever wonder why early fast food places were super space-agey? No? Well either way, this article from Munchies is super interesting for both food and space nerds alike.

Experts Say: These are the Hardest-Working , Most-Versatile Pantry Ingredients

If you too have a kitchen the size of a shoe box with limited room for, well, anything, read this guide from Food52 about which ingredients will give you the most meal options.

Why You Should Burn Your Vegetables

Sam Sifton from The New York Times builds a great argument for charring your vegetables to a tasty crisp.

These Little Caesars "Pizza Portals" Will Let You Pick Up Pizza Without Talking To Anyone

I think this is more sad than anything else, but if you really love pizza but hate social interactions of any kind, this kind of food service might be for you.

This 3D Printed Apple Spies on the Real Apples Near It

In super cool, super dorky, kind of hilarious news, there's a new technology that consists of printing 3D fruits to basically narc on all the other fruits in box. How funny is that image? Read more at Munchies.

This Hipster Neighborhood is a Food Paradise in Europe

Around 3 million people of Turkish descent live in Germany, and many have built their lives in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg. Head to National Geographic for a list of restaurant recommendations in the area.


How I Built This Episode: Rent the Runway - Jenn Hyman

This episode of How I Built This, a show interviewing successful business men and women from my favorite podcast host Guy Raz, features Jenn Hyman, co-founder of Rent the Runway. She talks about determination, sexism in business and how Rent the Runway is more of a tech start-up than a fashion company. A fascinating listen, recommended by Alyssa's dad.

Ear Hustle

An inside look at life in the American prison system. Hosted by Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, who are currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, in partnership with Nigel Poor, an artist in the Bay area.