Welcome to Baker's Dozen! This week we have a Kitty-Tiki Party, a love affair with an unpopular popsicle, avocado thieves and more. Read all about it down below.


Koneko Tiki Party

Spend your day off in the best way possible: at a tiki party with adoptable cats. Click the link above to reserve a spot for one of three time slots on September 4 at Koneko Cat Cafe. Expect lots of food, spiked punch and cat cuddles. 26 Clinton St., NY

SIP. SHOP. EAT! At the Collective Market

Head to Williamsburg this weekend for customized drinks, vintage clothing, art, home goods and more. Entry is free, and is the ideal place to spend the afternoon bopping around. 106 North 3rd St., Brooklyn

The Tempest in Bryant Park

As summer comes to a close, so does this year's Shakespeare in the Park run. Head to Bryant Park on September 2 for one of the final performances of The TempestUpper Terrace, Bryant Park

The 8th Annual NYC Unicycle Festival

If you've ever wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle, this is the event for you. Watch uni-cyclists play a variety of sports, cycle long distances and perform from August 31-September 3. Multiple locations


It’s Time to Kill Communal Tables Once and For All

A well-argued plea from Armen Stevens at Grub Street to banish the communal table from all restaurants.

What It’s Really Like to Cook for New York’s Most Influential Restaurant Critics

A nerve-wracking account of cooking for the people who can make or break your career in just one review.

An Ode to the Humble Orange Creamsicle

The orange creamsicle may be looked down upon by many a popsicle enthusiast, but Elizabeth Buxton at Refinery29 proves them all wrong.

German Supermarket Clears Shelves to Make a Statement on Racism

A supermarket in Germany conducted a one-day experiment to show shoppers what a lack of food diversity would actually look like. The results? Pretty grim.

The Ingredient That’s About to Change the Way You Bake

Hint: you definitely already own it.

Avocado Thieves Have Created a Black Market on Facebook

If you thought you were desperate for avocados, you've got nothing on the people stealing them and selling them on the black market. You read that right - a literal avocado black market.


Food-for-Hire David Ma’s Food Films

A collection of beautiful, Wes-Anderson-style food videos by David Ma.


Reply All #50 - The Cathedral

Warning - do not listen to this episode anywhere you wouldn't want to be seen crying. The Cathedral follows Ryan Green and the heart-wrenchingly beautiful video game he created about his son Joel's ultimately terminal cancer diagnosis. In addition to the podcast, there is a documentary about the process, as well as an amazing article on Wired.

Munchies #42 & #43 - An Afternoon at Ina Garten’s House Part 1 & Part 2

Join Munchies as they visit culinary mecca, AKA Ina Garten's Hamptons house.