Welcome to cat of the week! This week we have not one, not two, but THREE cats! Meet Fiona, Ollie and Mozart, an adorable cuddle puddle who live with their mama, Karissa. Read all about them down below!


"Fiona (on the left) was my first baby. Then I saw Ollie ( in the middle) and broke out in tears knowing he was meant to be part of our family. However, Ollie had his brother Mozart (on the right) whom I hated to leave behind but did not know if my Fiona could handle two new brothers at once. For a whole week I couldn't stop thinking about Mozart.

"I adopted all three of these babies through a local shelter at Petsmart. I went back to Petsmart and deep down knew if Mozart was still there I would have to take him home. Now as you can see all my fur babies are snuggling and of course we have the occasional bickering, but that's siblings right?"

Absolutely, Karissa! Alyssa has two brothers and I have three sisters, it just comes with the otherwise beautiful territory.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Fiona, Ollie and Mozart!

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