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Welcome to Baker's Dozen! This week we have spooky Halloween events, cheeky raccoons, dinner party menus and more. Read all about it down below.


Edgar Allen Poe and His Ghostly Neighbors Walking Tour

For literary enthusiasts in the Halloween spirit.

Cider Week

With tons of events happening all over the city, there are lots of opportunities for you to taste some of the best ciders in New York. Some events even come with cheese pairings!

“Roots of the Dinner Party: History in the Making” Exhibit

Head to the Brooklyn Museum to see the most in-depth viewing of Jodi Chicago's "The Dinner Party," an amazing installation featuring a dinner table with 39 unique place settings representing notable women throughout history. On now through March 8, 2018.

Spooky Cheeses: Halloween Edition

If you're into funky cheeses, this class is for you. French Cheese Board, 41 Spring St., New York.

Feasts and Festivals Exhibits at MOFAD

Starting November 6, the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) in Williamsburg will exhibit never-before-seen photographs from the Saveur Magazine archives. 62 Bayard St., Brooklyn.

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Costco Jumps on the Doomsday Prepper Wagon with Very Intense Emergency Meal Kits

Maybe those extreme couponers are on to something.

Malted Milk: The Official Drink of Arctic Exploration

If you've ever wondered what the hell malted milk is and what it's doing in your milkshake, this article is a must-read.

The Kosher Salt Question

Not all salts are created equal.

The French Butter Shortage Putting Pastries at Risk

Seriously. C'est tres traguiqe.

Obsessed: Baking With an Artist’s Palette

An interview with Katherine Cheng-Franke, an insanely talented baker who mixes art into her creations. 

Raccoons Pass Famous Intelligence Test - By Upending It

Cheeky bastards.

Boost Your Baking with Milk Bar Hacks

Christina Tosi is the queen, and is gracious in her gifts.


The Art of the Dinner Party

An amazing interactive post from The New York Times that includes a great article on dinner parties, and a slew of menus based on the kind of party you'd like to have.