Welcome to Cat of the Week! This week, we are graced by a gingery trio: Seamus, Angus and Claire! These smooshes are ABSURDLY adorable, and can be stared at for hours and hours on Instagram @seamus_n_angus. There are some amazing 80's and 90's references in that feed. Anyway, here's what their human has to say about them:

SAC 5.jpg

"Seamus is the caretaker, in that he grooms Angus and Claire, but he is always with us. He meets us at the door, follows us around the house, has silly routines that are meaningful to each of us. Seamus is friendlier with strangers and loves to be the star, in front of the camera.

"Angus, (GusGus) is the Jan Brady of our squad. As the middle child, he cries if we are out of sight, seeks out physical affection, but he is shy. He steals all the food, and will sneak attack Seamus with a look of complete innocence. He is quite curious about what we are doing and wants to be involved, as long as we are petting him in the process. 

SAC 4.jpg
SAC 3.jpg

"Have you ever tried to hold a tornado by the tail? That's Lady Claire, or LC if she's being naughty. She's an unstoppable force. Wildly independent, this ball of energy keeps us all entertained. She is the only one of the three who will allow cuddles, without a struggle. 

SAC 2.jpg

"The love that Seamus and Angus, and Claire share is unusual and defies the stereotype that cats are selfish and uncaring. I think that people responded to them because we are all looking for love, in some form. #relationshipgoals Because of the “humanness” of their actions, people are able to relate to their posts and in turn, wanted to share it with their friends, spouses, partners…etc."

We totally agree - Seamus, Angus and Claire make us feel so much love and joy whenever we see them.

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