Welcome to Baker's Dozen! This week, we have holiday guides to get you through Thanksgiving, cheese Zodiac signs, Israeli snacks and more. Read all about it down below.


Union Square Holiday Market

If you're from out-of-town and can only see a couple holiday fairs, make sure Union Square is one of them. It's massive and filled with amazing art, food and more!

Here are the Unveiling Dates for the Best Holiday Window Displays in NYC

Fifth Avenue is about to get a WHOLE lot brighter.

Thain Family Forest Tours at NYBG

Now through November 22, head to the New York Botanical Gardens to see some amazing fall foliage before it starts to blizzard. 2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx.


The 400-Degree Thanksgiving

Apparently you can cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner in one day, with two burners and one oven set to 400 degrees. Don't believe me? Let The New York Times show you how it's done.

Automagic Thanksgiving Menu Maker

Food52 is back at it again with another killer guide, this time for helping you make your way through Thanksgiving. It's like a choose your own adventure, but with food.

Cheese Board 101: Building the Perfect Plate

Not that there is such a thing as an imperfect cheese plate, but one can always improve.


Women Aren’t Ruining Food

From one of our favorite badass chefs, Amanda Cohen. We couldn't agree more.

The Best Cheese for your Zodiac Sign

Apparently I'm a chevrè, and Alyssa is Gruyère. You know you're dying to find out what you are.

The Top Food Trends for 2018, According to Whole Foods

What to expect in your Instagram feed in the next few months, basically.

Beyond Bamba: Five Israeli Snacks American Supermarkets Need to Import Right Now

To be fair, you can hit up any kosher supermarket and find a slew of Israeli snacks, but they definitely have mainstream potential.

Milk Bar Dessert Chain Gets Eight-Figure Investment

Crack pie goes global. Curious to see how this one plays out.


8 Chic DIYs Every Cat Owner Should Check Out

Have you been called a crazy cat person? OWN THAT SHIT. Make a literal cat tree for Mr. Mittens and prove them all right.


Invisibilia Season 3

It's finally back! If you haven't listened to the newest episodes on emotion, run, don't walk to your nearest podcast provider. I promise you won't be disappointed.