Welcome to Baker's Dozen! This week, we have a grilled cheese festival, a guide on how to pair wine with all of that leftover Halloween candy, a hotel run by cats and more. Read all about it down below.


Grilled Cheese Meltdown

With one magical ticket, you'll have access to all of the grilled cheese you can imagine, plus alcohol to wash it down with. November 12, 12-7. 849 6th Ave, NY.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Can you believe it's November already?

Renegade Craft Fair

A  fair full of artists, jewelers, craftsmen and more. Free to the public. November 18 & 19. 125 W. 18th St., NY.

Louis Vuitton New York Exhibit

This exhibition follows the story of Louis Vuitton, from 1854 to the present. Free to the public. Open now till January 7. 86 Trinity Place, NY.


How to Pair Wine with Sour Patch Kids

The most important guide you will ever read.

7 Recipes to Make When You’re Feeling Anxious

When popcorn just won't cut it.


The Evening-in-Paris Dinner

A beautiful article - both in words and pictures - about food culture in Paris.

Instacart. Instant Cooking?

An analysis of the cooking habits of online grocery shopping users.

Meet the Guy Who Paints Portraits of Cheese

Like Wayne Thiebaud, with cheese.

What’s the Difference Between Lunch and Supper?

The answer may surprise you. (Just kidding, it makes a lot of sense).

What is the Fourth Meal?

Taco Bell didn't actually invent it.

This Hotel Has Gone to the Cats

Who knew that cats made the best concierge?


Reply All #104: The Case of the Phantom Caller

A woman in New Jersey gets a ton of phone calls that play seemingly random (and creepy) snippets of audio.